dumb stock api

This is a really simple api that lists the tickers, names and some very limited information about securities on various stock exchanges, including the NYSE, NASDAQ, JPX (Toyko Stock Exchange), and more.

All it does is read the public files published by various exchanges, sometimes stitching a few together, and make it accessible as json. The data is synchronized a few times a day. Despite how dumb simple it is, nobody else bothered to make something that wasn't a huge pain to use, hence the name.


I know it's basic but if there's suggestions leave a comment at the bottom or shoot me an email: 1{my_first_name}12@gmail.com


Direct Links to CSV

Directly download up to date CSV files for tickers in popular exchanges.

Combined All American (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX)




You can generate custom links with other rules by reading the documentation.


Rate Limit

All calls are rate limited to something reasonable. I'm not sure what the exact limits are b/c still work in progress

Example get all stocks on the NYSE


        "ticker": "A",
        "name": "Agilent Technologies, Inc.",
        "is_etf": null,
        "exchange": "NYSE"
        "ticker": "AA",
        "name": "Alcoa Corporation",
        "is_etf": null,
        "exchange": "NYSE"

JSON values & caveats

ticker - some exchanges use numbers instead of letters

name - may be blank for certain asian exchanges whose names have no english equivalent

is_etf - if null, then no information was available

exchange - self explanatory

Query Parameters


countries (csv) - list of countries codes (and EU). ie countries=US,CA,EU. Mutually exclusive with exchanges filter

exchanges (csv) - list of exchanges' abbreviations. ie exchanges=NASDAQ,NYSE. Mutually exclusive with countries filter

is_etf (boolean) - only return stock that are reported as etfs.

name_search (string) - like search over the full names of companies

ticker_search (string) - like search over ticker symbols

Example- find all stocks in North America where the ticker contains "AA"


        "ticker": "AA",
        "name": "Alcoa Corporation Common Stock ",
        "is_etf": false,
        "exchange": "NASDAQ"
        "ticker": "AAB",
        "name": "Aberdeen International Inc.",
        "is_etf": false,
        "exchange": "TSX"


format (enum) - can be one of json, csv, tickers-only. default json.

⚠ If using tickers-only, duplicate tickers will be squashed into one. IE, the stock CAE exists in three different stock exchanges; twice as Canadian company CAE Inc and once as Australian company Cannindah Resources Ltd, but it will only appear in the array once. It may make sense to use tickers-only with a set exchange in mind, or a country where symbols tend not to clash.




A,Agilent Technologies, Inc.,,NYSE
AA,Alcoa Corporation,,NYSE
AAC,AAC Holdings, Inc.,,NYSE

Supported Exchanges

Abbreviation Name Country
ASX Australian Securities Exchange AU
BSE Bombay Stock Exchange IN
JPX Japan Exchange Group JP
NSE National Stock Exchange of India IN
NYSE New York Stock Exchange US
SWX Six Swiss Exchange CH
SZSE Shenzhen Stock Exchange CN
TSX Toronto Stock Exchange CA
TWSE Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation TW

I'm working on getting the top exchanges according to wikipedia supported, but quite a few of them make it extremely difficult to either access the required data, or simply do not have data on their own securities. Looking at you BRASIL

Money Me

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